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Blog Re-Init

Posted on August 23, 2013
Tags: meta

After a lot of hair-pulling and teeth grinding. I’ve decided to move my blog from Blogger to Bitbucket + Hakyll. Blogger is an excellent platform, but I missed a few things,

Using Bitbucket, it’s trivial to use mercurial on my blog. Now I have a full revision history of every edit I make to my posts. No more losing my last 4 paragraphs because my laptop died.

It also means that I can (and am!) typing this post in Emacs. Personally I like markdown so I can use Markdown and Flyspell modes for writing blog posts!

Finally, I really don’t enjoy the process of trying to customize Blogger. For example adding syntax highlighting for Haskell was an uphill battle from the start and 9 months of blogging later, I’m still not happy with the results. Adding the equivalent in Hakyll took me 10 minutes.

My only problems now are

  1. Setting up comments here
  2. Routing all links to previous posts back to blogger

Then I’m all set!

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